Adrian Howard

Adrian Howard from Quietstars

Adrian Howard is passionate about building effective teams and great product and is at his best solving problems where Agile, Product, and UX overlap.


Adrian Howard  from Quietstars
Adrian Howard  from Quietstars is passionate about building effective teams and great products. You'll find him working with companies of all sizes — combining team coaching & teaching with hands on UX & development work. Adrian is at his best solving problems where Agile, Product, and UX overlap.
With more than twenty five years experience working with established businesses, agencies & startups he’s an active member of the Agile, Balanced Team & Lean UX communities. Adrian regularly teaches and speaks on integrating Agile, Lean, Product, and UX methods. You'll often find him ranting in a corner of the bar about how agile, business and user experience folk need to play nice together. Be kind and buy him whisky.
Talk: Help your UX team succeed with OKRs that don’t suck Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are awesome — everybody says so! Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet and co-founder of Google, said "OKRs have helped lead us to 10x growth, many times over". So why do they work so well for some companies, and so badly for others? OKRs should be more than another stick to hit UX and Product teams with. How do you write successful OKRs for research and UX groups touching many parts of your organisation? How do you write OKRs for a design system team? Adrian will introduce OKRs and walk you through how to create and — more importantly — work with them effectively. You’ll see how they can be used to communicate strategy. You’ll learn common mistakes and anti-patterns to avoid, helping you and your teams create OKRs that don’t suck.